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Boost your sales, better communicate and advertise. Reduce operating costs and show your customers you really care about them. Take online orders. All inclusive with MobiResta.

About MobiResta

MobiResta is a cloud based mobile application which allows you to better connect and serve to your customers inside your restaurant. Let your customers to use your tablets or their own mobile phones to view your restaurant menu, easily communicate with your employees or know your campaigns, special day programs.

How it works

Smart Menu

Enhanced menu experience for your customers.

Tells your flavors better

Using high quality photos and videos your menu will be much more attractive for your customers.

Easy to explore

Customers can better explore your menu using tags i.e. list me all low-calorie foods. Also supports price based browsing and multiple languages.

Increases social visibility

Customers can share, like your foods or beverages on their social accounts. You can also get feedback about your products or services.


Zero menu waiting time, zero menu bringing time, zero menu printing cost. Using management application add or update menu items easily.

Nature friendly

Show your customers you care about their health and the nature. No need to clean paper menus regularly, no need to cut forests to print menus.

Campaigns & News

Inform your customers about your campaigns, news or special day programs.

Effective Advertising

Set campaign content as welcome message so that customers will see it immediately they check-in to your restaurant.

Rich Content

Campaign content can include photos, videos even links to other contents. Multiple campaigns and multiple languages are supported.

Cost Effective

No need to print leaflets! Reduce printing costs and help to protect nature.

Online Communication

Your customers can send their requests to your employees as text messages.


No need to look for a waiter around, no need to call waiter by hand. Customers just type their requests and MobiResta intelligently delivers it to the responsible employee’s mobile phone.


Reduces misunderstanding. We also keep messaging history and restaurant administrator can view it.

Easy to use

Messaging user interface is similar to WhatsUp so customers already know to use it. Waiters can use headphones and MobiResta can read messages i.e. Table B12 wants more ketchup".

Free Web Site

A new modern, multi language web site for your restaurant without any extra cost.


All information is automatically synchronized with your web site and MobiResta application. When you make a change it is immediately visible on both sides.

Your domain name

Use your own domain name i.e. or use the MobiResta address i.e.

Mobile friendly

Responsive and mobile friendly. No need to different designs for desktop, laptop and mobile phone screens.

Free Trial

We get all information from Foursquare.
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Easy Management

Instant Results

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